Sewer vent plumbing

Today I saw the sewer vent terminate in the attic, with a special cap. There were 2, one for each bathroom. (see pic) Is this kosher?


Its an aav. Typically it needs to be 6" above insulation. At least one vent needs to terminate above the roof.

John try and check locally if they are allowed.
Those aav or studer valves are prone to mechanical failure.

they are both in the attic, there is no roof penetration.

Wow, what laziness! As already stated, check with the local authority having jurisdiction. If it were me, I would call them both out and let the current owner deal with the plumber. As for my client, I would let them know they should be terminated through the roof to work properly. I have never seen this in an attic on each, or both in this case, vent(s). Just seems like supreme laziness on the plumber’s part. Good luck. Let us know the outcome please.

If there isn’t a vent that terminates above the roof, its a defect.

If there was one, I wouldn’t write up the aav’s.

This was the first time I’ve seen no pipe through the roof and both ending in the attic. I’m putting it in the report, I just wondered if anyone else has seen that.
Speaking of laziness, the builder also vented both bath fans into the attic.

Well that’s a first -lol.

Around here, I get more concerned when I see them actually vented to the outside the proper way. Makes me wonder what else they did right :slight_smile: