Sharing reports?

is there a way to share a report from spectora? Not as the sample report or when you CC another person. For example, if I wanted to share one here to get comments/ideas.

Thanks again.

Nope… one of the many downsides with Spectora. Everything is run through their website. You have little control over YOUR product.

Get a real program where YOU have control over YOUR product.

You’ll see. You heard it here first!

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lol!!! Thanks JJ, Which do you recommend? I’ve seen you stalking the spectora forum, you trying to convert us?

Hi Jason,

You can just post the URL to a published inspection report. Since it’s web-based anyone can click on the link to access it (and reports can be shared by clients/agents in the same way for easier sharing.) The URL contains a long string of random characters to keep it unguessable and secure.



I use multiple softwares due to my specific needs and reporting styles (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Custom). For any serious home inspector, there is no competition for Home Inspector Pro. Download their free trial and send some real time customizing it to YOUR needs! Spectora if great “out of the box” for someone that refuses to spend the time to “make it their own”, but guess what… your report is the product that your clients are paying for! Don’t they deserve the best available for their money? Isn’t that why they hired you to begin with? Trust me, your report does make a difference in the real world. Do it right!!

And, NO, I am not a commissioned spokeman for any software companies. I just know after 22+ years of inspecting what MY clients demand, and I do everything in my power to give that to them. My reputation is founded on that principal.

Ask Spectora. I’m sure they’ll let you share it for the right price

Hah! Well, once I start getting some PAID customers, I’ll invest in some nice $800 software. Until my business becomes less of a moneypit and more of a cash cow, they get what I can afford.

Sound advice though JJ.

Thank you for the reply too Kevin! You guys are always on top of my questions.

Hey Jason, I’d say think about what will grow your business and invest in a tool that you’ll be using 3-9 hours a day potentially. You get what you pay for.

We get new users everyday that understand that producing a clean, modern report is a key to attracting and retaining the modern real estate agent and client. Our inspectors have gotten amazing feedback from our report style and many get more referrals from it. Add to that our inspectors are spending less time writing reports, allowing them to do more inspections!

There is definitely a reason why our user base of new and experienced inspectors is growing so fast. See what they have to say. We’re even attracting users of other softwares to hang out in our message boards :wink:


Don’t get me wrong Kevin, I’m not actively looking to trade already, I’ve done all of 2 reports with my new Spectora wheels and both of my clients loved the report (especially the videos). The reminder text and email and the day-after text and email are fantastic features too! I am intrigued by HIP in that a LOT of inspectors here brag about it, and my only 2 issues with Spectora so far (2 reports) is 1) my reports look A LOT like other Spectora reports from other agents and 2) the forever monthly fee, a buy out eventually would be a nice feature.

All in all, I like what I see and look forward to learning more about it as I grow.

Thanks for being on top as always Kevin!

You could upload the PDF file here or the link. How could any other software do it differently? There is only 2 ways to share a report here and they do both, just like all the other software.

Most inspectors host and link their reports through their own websites. With Spectora, you are forced to link through, that’s right, Spectora! They get all the SEO juice, you get nothing!

Remember, the Spectora people are software developers. They had zero inspection industry knowledge until they began harvesting information from inspector forums and facebook. Their only knowledge comes primarily from newbie inspectors willing to share their opinions on said forums and facebook. Ease of use was the newbies primary concern, followed by a low initial fee. There are always trade-offs. These are some of them.

Good luck.

I wouldn’t listen to JJ and put too much stock in his opinion. It is not well founded.

Long time Inspector here and very happy with Spectora. A ton of good feedback from realtors and clients.

It’s the best move I made!!! Moving forward and not even looking back!!

I understand that you are paying about $60 a month for Spectora. You can lease the full Homegauge package for $49 a month. This includes the ability to include 360 pictures, and the mobile Companion inspection app. More pop for your limited budget in my opinion. HG will also grow with you and allow you to customize it to make it your own.

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And that right there is the primary reason for Spectora’s limited success! It is useable right out of the box with little to no work on the users part, no need to customize and make it your own. Of course all of the narratives are written by software peoples with some input from forum users such as where that “Expert Inspector” BS came from. Basically, Spectora is designed for lazy inspectors, new and OLD alike who kowtow to realtors. (Shoutout to Hazelwood)! They are bland and look-alike to garner favor with agents. Oh well, that’s their choice.

I use Spectora and ISN for my scheduling. You can upload your report to ISN and send them out that way. You can also customize the comments on Spectora to your liking. So far I really like it!

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