Spectora Software (Is there any better software?)

Hi Everyone,
I’m about a week out from completing all requirements to become a CPI…….I’m very excited to get started. Do any of you use the Spectora Software? Is it the best or is there a better software package available. I like the idea that I can have my Inspection Report completed prior to leaving the property.
Feedback appreciated.
Kelly Emerson

Have you even attempted to write your first report yet?
What software did you use?
What is your feedback on that software?
Did you bother to do a search on this MB for the literally hundreds if not thousands of threads already posted here asking the same question(s)?

Hi Jeffrey, I’m new to this. I saw a home inspection video by Ben G. where he was using this software on his phone and it looked great as well as easy to use. The only report I’ve written so far is my first of four required mock inspection reports. Trying to get myself ready and setup. Just asking.

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Yup, that is typical for a Newbie.
Assuming you are using the Nachi forms for your Mock inspections, they are useless for any real life comparisons of real software.
What you honestly need to do, is download the trials of AT LEAST three software programs, take that first mock report you did, and re-do it with the three+ software’s. After that is done, go back to the one or two software that you liked the best and write up a NEW report with NEW information! Review those reports, and narrow it down again to the best of those. Now you have a basis for what works FOR YOU!! Use that to compare any other software’s.
There’s a lot more to deciding which software is right FOR YOU, (get the hint yet?), but that gives you a good start to getting a grip on it all.


Great advise!!! I’ll do just that…God Bless Sir!!!

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I tried a few and personally loved Spectora, but I also wouldn’t say I gave any others enough of a trial run.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the feedback. Is there a monthly charge that goes along for picture cloud, etc.?

I used Carson Dunlop rental software (pay as you go) my first couple years.
When I got busy enough to ditch the rental software I bought HIP software and used it for several years and bought the new version when my version got old and I wanted all the new features. HIP worked just fine.
Last summer I attended presentations by the owners of HIP and Spectora and I was very impressed with the Wagstaff brothers and the Spectora software. I made the switch. Spectora is a subscription based software. I pay monthly. You always have the latest features. I would rather own my software instead of paying about $100 a month, but that’s only a few dollars per report, so it’s not so bad. The reports are awesome. The expense is worth it, for me.
If you are just starting out, and watching your budget, there are much cheaper options out there. In my opinion, Spectora is at the top of the food chain.
Good luck in your new business.


Thank you Bert! Yes, I’ll have to watch my finances initially!

Home inspection pro, home gauge, palm-tech were my top three. I don’t like paying monthly fees for cloud service especially on the beginning. Each company usually lets you try it out for free. See what your competitors use bt going to their website www.atwoodshi.com for an example.


I use HIP (Home Inspector Pro) and find it great! Decent program, great report design options, easy to create templates for inspections and/or other services you may offer, easy to batch add/edit
photos/captions/etc, great support from Dom and the crew! It comes preloaded with some templates as well.

Thank you Junior!

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Thank you Matthew!

Hi Edward - I’m Adeleine from Terreport. We offer inspection software for professional inspectors. It is completely free to use - forever! no monthly fees or per report fees. https://www.terreport.com/internachi Sign up with your gmail or outlook and use one of our templates. Like our FB page for updates. I’m happy to answer any questions.

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I will do it! Thank you Adeleine…

If you recreate your mock and a subsequent new report on Terreport as @jjonas suggested - i would be very interested in hearing your feedback. have a great rest of the day!

Why do you have to do this? When I tried to log into Terreport to try it, I had to go through Google. The message below is what you have to agree to.

This will allow Terreport to: See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts.
View and manage Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app

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Be sure to read the fine print…


Simple answer. Yes, there is.