Sharing the same conduit as service conductors

There was a bank of main disconnects (3) outside this commercial building. The disconnect pictured has a convenience outlet attached to it. The conductors share the same conduit as the distribution side of the disconnect. The service side comes from a trough mounted below the disconnects. Is this okay to share the raceway like that?

Also, the neutrals are not bonded to the cabinets in any of these.

Is the feeders to these disconnects fused upstream at the point service is derived? If not, no other conductors can be installed in the same conduit or enclosure.

If I understand correctly, the OCPD pictured has the line side connected to the bottom and the load side connected to the top. Is that the way it is connected?

That is correct.
The conduit in question would have fused conductors in it.

I would recommend checking to see if the manufacturer identified the line and load side of the disconnect. Often, the top will be identified as the line side from the manufacturer, and if so, it is incorrectly wired and should be called out.

Do you have any photo’s of the entire installation? Some things seem rather odd with this.