Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran says "don't use the inspector recommended by the agent"

I edited the last sentence to make it more truthful:

When in doubt, seek out the “deal-killer”, or “too nit-picky”, or “too- thorough” inspector(s) for your clients. In other words, the one you don’t refer to your everyday clients, but the one you go to and insist on when it’s a family member or close friend because they’re the best. :cool:

Who would’ve thought? The most well-known real estate agent telling like it is and that there is a collusion. Just think of all the home buyer’s out there getting duped by thinking that they’re getting the “best” by hiring the agent referred inspector.

Thanks for sharing.

I have a couple of realtors that recommend us to both their friends and family and their clients too. Also have several who stopped using us for their clients, but when one of their friends or family needs an inspection our phone rings.


Funny how that works.

Sad, but true.
Quote from todays client… repeat customer, owner of a large electrical installation company (licensed electrician in heavily regulated district) business in Chicago…
“Thank you so much, You could make a fortune in Chicago with your service, you are so thorough, top notch … you are doing well here and it is obvious why”

Barbara sells a sponsorship to a Realtor in every area. Mainly her in a video saying how great that agent or brokerage is. The funny part is the brokerage she sponsors in my area, only refers the broker’s brother-in-law, who claims to be InterNACHI certified but is not. Got to love hypocrisy.:wink:

So they’re not impressed with Condo Bob? :wink:

LOL Yes i have several that only use me for friends and family . And yes Barbara endorses agents perhaps she should follow on some of them just saying . Some would do anything not to have a good inspection.

This is exactly why some of us have said for years to market to the public and not agents. Hopefully it will become illegal for any agent to even recommend an inspector. That will do away with any possible shenanigans and make a more even playing field for all inspectors and the end user client will get a true unbiased inspector.

All the people that preach that marketing to REagent or anyone else with a financial interest in the outcome of a favorable inspection are the cause of this and it is quite damaging to OUR (The actual Inspectors) profession.



Did an inspection for a realtor today, he even made a comment about his “usual” inspector during the inspection. I didn’t need to ask why he didn’t use him/her for his inspection. :roll:

Almost an 11 year old video.

The agents who refer to me all the time love that I find all the things because they want what is best for their client, and don’t want to be the agent who sold them that bum house. They also don’t want to be sued to for selling a bad house. I have one agent who will practically high five me over ever defect/problem I find because he feels everything I find just gives him leverage in negotiations.

Maybe there are some agents who used me once and never again because I found too much, but whatever, I’m doing ok without them.

On the other hand, I’ve been pressured many times to find as much as possible because the buyer wants some juicy defect to hold over the seller so they can get a price reduction off their offering price.

But as Joe Friday used to say “'Just the facts, ma’am.” :wink:

The issue I see with trying to separate inspectors from agents is:

IF you’re a buyer working with a Realtor, you’ve already showed the agent your income, your taxes, your debts, work/life history., social security number, etc. They’ve already seen everything about you but you naked. That takes a lot of trust. Now, all of a sudden they’re not supposed to trust the person they entrusted their life to? Sure, I get calls from people who don’t want to use their agents guy, and I loose occasional inspections because the buyer didn’t go with the agent recommending me, but for the most part, most buyers have built a relationship with their agent and have a lot of trust and faith in their agent by the time it comes time to pick a home inspector.

Your home inspections start at $299 mate…$299…2…9…9…

It just shows how long Barbara has been aware of this issue, trust me it has been going on for much longer.