Should I be worried??

Hello all,

As the pics show, I have some serious spalling? taking place on my foundation. It is only on the east side and has what I think to be effloresence at the top of the spalling. I live in Denver and have clay soil.

I am concerned that it will not stop and will continue to degrade the wall leading to its eventual failure.

Question - Should I be concerned and what should I do about it?


Four photos doesn’t tell the whole story, but that looks exactly like what happens when you try to pour a hot load.

How old is the house, and is it under warranty?

House was built in 2002. I bought the house in 2008. It is getting worse and driving me crazy. I just don’t know how deep into the aggregate it will go and want to remedy it ASAP.

Not sure if the house is under warranty - I would think not, unless there is a separate warranty for foundations??

Darren - hot load? does that mean the concrete was poured while too hot?

I have more pics if they will help answer any other questions you may have.

I really appreciate the feedback and enjoy this site immensley.

Thank you!!

When new concrete freezes within the first three days before it cures can spall like that in a severe case. Is the concrete spalling on the other side? Take a hammer and lightly tap the concrete to see if it is delaminated.

Hot pour (temp outside at 90+) most likely. Also, stop stepping on your downspout man…haha