Should Plumbing Inspection include

Should a home inspection include, excercising of all plumbing valves visible and not obstructed? More so mainline excercising of inbound shut offs, water heater. basement stuff… maybe not toilets…


If you mean shut-off valves, no ( unless you’re a hundred percent sure there’s no issues). If you mean normal operating valves / levers yes

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yes… a 90 lever valve - pre meter, brass - 3/4 in from street - out supply to house/meter

If I turn on a main, I always get a text or other form of documentation from the listing agent or seller saying it’s okay and I’m not responsible for any damages. If you see any signs of leaks oh, like stains on the ceiling or something, then don’t do it

yeah it would have been exercising the shut off valve, there was water in the area but not at that valve

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Absolutely not.

What he said!

No, No No…sooner or later you’ll not be able to shut the spurting water off.

If a customer is concerned about it, and I shouldn’t touch it, should pics be taken and their concerns noted?

Yes, and let the seller open them on walk through before closing. :grin:

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Advise them you you don’t operate them specifically because they could cause catastrophic damage to the property if they fail. Your report should simply state that they are out of scope and that you do not operate/test them, but only report visible deficiencies that you observe. If they have concerns about them. they should hire a licensed plumber to test them.

The purpose of your inspection/report is not to parrot comments/statements that the client makes about things that they are aware of. It’s to make them aware of deficiencies that you observe in the course of your inspection.

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In the grand scheme of things, the seller/listing agent is responsible for having the water on. They know they need to have the utilities on for inspections. If not, it should get written up accordingly, so the ball is in someone elses court, so-to-speak. That being said, in some scenarios, I have no problem turning the water on and have done so many times. Many times, the owners just shut them off because they’re no longer living there.

Thank you all for your opinions and guidance

As others have said. Bad Idea. Just as turning on a tripped breaker is a bad idea.

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