Stop and waster water we check?

Did a Home Inspect on a mountain property…
The realtor insisted that I check the stop and waste
water valve…turning it the 90 degrees on and back off.
I didnt do it…

As a Home Inspector is that a item we check?


From the SOP:

The inspector is not require to operate any shut-off valves or manual stop valves.

No way These frequently have not been used and can break, stick closed or leak.
You know who is going to wish they had not, the next person to try and turn it .

That Realtor probably had to pay for the last one that broke (that she turned on) and now tries to get the inspector to take the risk. No way Jose!!!

Have something in your PIA which says you do not do that. The next time, tell the Realtor to have at it and offer to hold her purse. Tell her not to forget “lefty loosie, righty tighty.”

Thanks Joe…

From my PIA:

>>IMPORTANT: The Inspector will not open gas or water valves, light pilot lights or gas appliances, activate electrical
services that have been turned off, or cut locks open.
The CLIENT is solely responsible for ensuring that all utilities are turned
on, that breakers are turned on, that all water and fuel valves are open, that all pilot lights are lit, that all rooms and crawl
spaces are unlocked, and that components such as attics and panel boxes are accessible prior to the inspection.
Return visits
because utilities were off, valves were off, pilot lights were not lit, or certain areas were locked or otherwise inaccessible will be subject
to an additional fee starting at $150.00 ($150.00 minimum plus $100/hr. after the 1st hour, including drive and report writing time).<<

Thanks everybody for the info…Fricken Realtors need to be kept in check.

I let them turn on what ever they want. Like when the water is off. I tell them you turn it on and I will be inside looking for the leaks.

I prefer keeping them in a pen on Fire Island–far away from trouble-making.

**Do not **give them any reason to say that you endorsed them doing whatever, or you will be held just as liable! You **must **inform them that they should not do whatever it is, and to have the appropriate tradesperson perform the task. This is the only way for you to not take the hit, and even then there are no guarantees. We all know damned well that any Realtor will lie if need be and throw us under the bus to save their own skin.

agreed, i aint going to be the guy who broke it.

I occasioanlly have something “break” or find it to be broken rather during normal use, like you try a window and when you unlock it you find out the lock was holding the pane in place…
i actually had a door fall over, not on hinges, just balanced in doorway too…