Shower diverter valve in bathtub spout

I always check the shower diverter on the bathtub spout to see if it shuts off and I make a statement that it doesn’t shutoff completely and that it can be repaired by changing the spout or taking the spout off and changing the rubber seal. Do most inspectors cover this similarly?

report what u observe or don’t observe
let the pro design repair & any required parts


Exactly, there may be a dozen reasons for a defect and just as many remedies for every issue.

No most do not cover that similarly. Report what you see and recommend the appropriate qualified professional to remedy.

No. I report the deficiency and any potential detrimental issues associated with it (e.g., if spraying water back on the wall).

Ditto above!

I will test them and if they are excessive I will usually add in a video clip to show the issues with wasting water and any spray. It is much more effective in my eyes to show the extent of the water not being diverted.

I had a tub spout steady dripping the other day while inspecting, I turned the water on for tub inspection. When I shut the hot valve back off the knob twisted all the way around as if the stem was stripped, after about 2 times all the way around the handle had caught just enough to shut the water back down to the original drip. I was comfortable enough to walk away because I got it back to the origanal drip. I almost panicked until the handle caught. I realize I could have just got a pair of pliers and shut the stem off but I learned a lesson not to just grab things in a house as if it will just work properly.

Compressed and flattened gasket, but I’ll just tell them to get a qualified professional.

If you suggest a repair, the buyer may try to do this himself and may not be quite so adept… causing more of a problem… “The inspector told me to __________, and this is what happened.”