Shower enclosure testing with moisture meter

Hello guys and gals.
I’d like to get some advice as to the proper way to test tiles and walls in a shower. Unfortunately there has been mixed opinions among my instructors as to the correct way to test. Do you run your meter along tiles when they are dry or do you attempt to run water along the tile(splash zone) and then test it?
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It would be an exercise in futility. Observe inside for loose tiles, grout, etc. but keep moisture testing outside the shower.

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Buy or make a shower pan test plug to put enough water in the shower pan to load it. leave it that way during the inspection and inspect the outside after a suitable time lapse. Don’t expect accurate moisture meter readings on ceramic tiles, always compare to a known dry spot.SPTS_Shower_Pan_Test

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Exactly…I agree.

Too many inspectors have found their way into court when using this devise, and forgetting about it while the shower was running. I would NEVER use this thing……. bad idea!


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Ok Thanks for all the advice. I appreciate it.

Well, if your going to leave the water on you certainly don’t need the drain tester! I wonder if they’re the ones who leave the lights on and the doors unlocked?

I agree with Chuck. Be aware some tile glazing contains heavy metals and will trigger some testers. Always check areas you know are dry to see if your meter reacts, if so forget testing on those tile. Check the ceiling below or in the crawlspace for past water leaks is about your next best option. In 26 years most showers regardless of type have cause the most damage by leaking at the drain connection.