Shows as non-member

I became a member of interNACHI in September, I was able to successfully view and post to all sections of the forum. Now it shows me as a non-member guest who is not affiliated in any way with interNachi. Also I had my logo and other info to show as my signature, now that is gone from my posts, I have sent an email to fast-reply… is this the best avenue to resolve this issue or is there something I’m missing??

Try logging out and closing the site, emptying your caches and logging back in.

Thanks, I just tried that… still nothing. I wish I was better with IT stuff!

Wes, you changed your password to a very difficult one. Log out of the message board, then log back in but don’t let your cache enter your old password. Use your new one.

Thanks Nick and Lisa, everything seems to be working now.

You guys are awesome, works like a dream.