Sidewall vent??

This house had a lot of jury rigged components and it was difficult to follow the piping at the sub floor.

The pipe in question seemed to be from under the kitchen sink and terminated at the side exterior. (You had to be there) Seemed like an ARV valve is all that is needed. I thought it was the inferior basement drainage sump pump but they discharged that about 75 feet to the floor drain with a hose.

The same piping was used as a raceway for the electrical wires.

PVC used for dryer vent to.

Got to love the weekend warriors!!

One note about Cleveland. Most houses are worse than are sports teams!!

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The inferior basement system was the typical joke. Extension cord wires, no dedicated circuit, plumbing roof boot on discharge pipe, discharge all the way over to other side of basement with a hose to a floor drain.

Stupid is as stupid does!!

It also looks like a wall anchor plate under the pegboard. Yes that will work great!! A little mold, water seepage, water penetration.

I just love the inferior basement system.

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Agent insisted on seeing the active moisture and did I use a moisture meter?

She stood in front of seepage and could not see.

Mam!! the carpet is wet, the wood is wet. It leaks. Need to fix from exterior.
And yes I use a meter!!

Run forest run!!

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a real “charmer” it appears…

The rest of it was corrugated metal, also unapproved (per the IRC).

Unapproved material was used for electrical conduit. Service by a licensed electrician is recommended.


I believe the rest is semi corrugated metal and I do not have a problem with this type of material and is recommended by the CPSC. See link below.

Yes as many of the homes I do. First step of instructions must state to drink lots of alcoholic beverages, do not hire a professional (In this case they did for the inferior basement system) A John Bubber special:shock:

The semi-rigid duct is indeed recommended by the CPSC as an alternative to corrugated plastic or foil…but it should be used only within 8’ of the appliance and is not to be used in concealed spaces, run through walls or floors. Every code I’m aware of calls for smooth wall metal duct after the 1st eight feet and in concealed spaces. Appliance manufacturers probably state the same.