Siding with faded circles

Has anyone ever seen siding that has circles all over it. The siding is faded which seems to be where the underling nails are. Has anyone ever seen this before? Why is it doing it? I don’t know if its cheep siding, maybe something to do with the nails that are under the siding. Thanks for you input.

Do you have photos?

Is it vinyl siding?

I will try to get them in the next day or so. My friend has the problem on his home and asked for my help.

My friend sent photos of the siding but it was hard to see in his photos. It was on a gray vinyl siding with the fading spots about the size of a quarter or fifty cent piece. It seams to be where the underling nails would be for the foam board insulation. They are all in a nice line and about 16 inches apart.

The nails might be corroded and have bleed through the siding.

Holding nails or screw anchors with plastic washers attached for the styrofoam panel boards.

EIFS telegraphing wind-lock fasteners w/moisture problems taboot


YEP! I can’t say I have seen it on vinyl siding unless it is in the wintertime. This is when all the thermal bridging shows up.