SIP walls

I am obsessed with green building and I just learned about SIP walls the other day in the NACHI exterior inspection course. I am curious how they install the electricity and plumbing and hvac components in these houses. Anyone know?

Wait…do they only use SIP walls for the exterior? That would make sense and that would make things a lot easier. I am just going to put this out there for those are that have their derogatory gun loaded. I know most plumbing is not installed in the exterior walls

They cut out what is needed from the inside for exterior walls. I have never seen Contractors use them for inside walls.

So they have to plan where everything is going to be before they put it all together? I saw some pictures of SIP being used as the main load bearing wall inside the house. I think that’s a bit extraneous.

Yes except for the windows and I have not seen it but could imagine using the wall closest to the garage say the hallway.

Lot of information in this link.

At the SIP manufacturing point.

And for use in field modifications.