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Hi guys,

does anyone out there have any experience with SIP construction ? For those not familiar with the term Stuctural Insulated Pannel , I am planning a build for myself and wonder if anyone has any Ideas.


Gerry Beaumont

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I have been known to "sip" in buildings on occasion (hell, I really meant to say throw a few back!), but as to "sipp buildings", well............

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Gerry -

I built a solar double-envelope house back in the early 80's using the product you are referring to. Back then it was a 4" foam panel with plywood skin on both sides. I used is as the exterior wall, the interior wall which was 12" away (envelope house) was a typical stud wall. I liked the foam panels but I could see some problems if they were the primary exterior wall, namely running wire and plumbing through them. I haven't kept up with the development so maybe they have channels running through them now.

From a design standpoint, you would want to keep within the increments of the panels. For example, if a particular wall was going to be 42' make it either 40' or 44' instead.

For your info, I use to design and build passive solar houses for approx. 6 years before I started building large custom houses (which I did for another 6 years). If you're trying to build a very energy efficient home feel free to pick my brain. I recently moved into a new old house that I'm getting ready to do a ton of work to. One particular product that I'm going to be using is a triple pane window, with PPG spacer, Krypton gas, low-E glass...window is an amazing R-10. Made in PA, if you're interested I can hook you up with name, website, etc.

Regards, Rusty

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Did one back in the mid 80's for a DIY homeowner who got himself in trouble. We came in as a carpentry subcontractor to bail him out and get it enclosed. As I recall about half the building was the panels used over a heavy timber frame with the other half being the panels alone. We used the panels for the roof system as well.

Didn't seem too bad once we got the hang of how to work with them. Like lots of things, it helps when you read the instructions. They did have a scheme for wiring and the windows went in fairly easily. We did have to custom cut panel sizes to meet the homeowner's "new" dimensions.

Would be interested in seeing how some of the original houses using these panel systems have held up over the years. Have they had any unique moisture problems and have the bonding systems held up between the foams and plywood skins?

Unfortunately, the original owner was killed in an auto accident and the house has changed hands since, so I don't have access the property.

Good luck with your project! I'm sure the product manufacturer you're using will have plenty of technical expertise to offer. Take advantage of it!
And ask him if you can visit some of his "older" projects! icon_smile.gif

Russ Meyers