Slab efflorescence

What would you say? The house is on a slab. The grade slopes toward the house at the right side and away from the house at the left side. Some efflorescence on the right side and its heavy on the left side (where the grade slopes away from the house).

No moisture problems inside.

Efflorescence and spalling coating. Is this more than cosmetic? How can you get a coating to stick to this surface?

012809 027.JPG 012809 030.JPG

Would the house be sitting on a concrete block pier wall ? Moisture holding inside the crawl space?
No leaks inside the home ?

They are not going to get anything to stick to the blocks as long as they are sucking up moisture.

To follow on from Dale’s comment:

… the’re not going to stop sucking up moisture until the level of the grade is below the level of the lowest block, it looks like you’ve a couple of inches burried on both sides.



Linda, it’s a slab. No crawl space.

I just thought it was unusual that the left side of the home, where the water grade slopes well, was worse than the right side where the grade slopes toward the home.