Garage block efflorescence

Home was built in 1999. Slab on grade foundation.

Heavy efflorescence at visible block located at garage. Moisture meter readings 20-25%

I wanted to ask you these questions?

What is the possible cause and what would be your recommendations?

On exterior was brick and some vegetation but there was no issues. Grading, gutters OK.

Is there a footer drain along this side of the garage that may be blocked/broken?

Would you advise scoping the footer drains?


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139609 001 (Small).jpg

About all I comment on in such cases is what I can see - that there is measured moisture intrusion at that location which is conducive to mold formation and other possible damage, etc.

Even though the grading, gutters, and downspouts look ok, it is pretty likely that there is water running toward that side of the house for some reason, so I would recommend that the source of water be located and diverted without trying to guess how best to do that.

Did you check to see if there were weeping holes in the brick veneer?

There was no brick veneer. Vinyl siding. This was the garage. Brick adjacent masonry block at garage slab.

This section with efflorescence below grade? If so may be lacking waterproofing.
Even though grade may be O.K. soil may hold water and over time allow water penetration.

Also possible moisture barrier missing under the slab since it looks like the efflorescence is going around the perimeter.

we had a crapload of snow here this year Dave,…did you ask if this was new or have they had it in the past…yeah i know…that’s almost impossible to find out…

James that is one four letter word I did not want to here for awhile.

I just like be able to explain to my clients what was the cause and possable solution. The **** could be the reason.

Seems like yesterday trudging around in the 2, 3 feet of snow. I also like the question of what does the roof look like. My ski slope answer does not go over real well.

This much doesn’t happen over the weekend!

You have a water issue and lots of it. Just a matter of finding where it’s coming from outside.

Any outdoor pics?

All that was on the outside were some low growing bushes in contact with siding/foundation. No problems at exterior observed.

Does a footer drain run adjacant to a garage slab?

No sprinkler system, grading OK, gutters OK.

I agree that is one heck of a lot of efflorecsence.


I feel your pain sir…life in ohio…:wink: