Slab Settlement

Little bit of settlement going on…

Wall pictured is between the Basement and Garage. wall is currently suspended from the ceiling…

I had this once in my home that was newly built. The ground that they filled in before the slab in my garage was poured wasn’t tamped and there was no rebar or slab ledge to support garage floor slab. The ground below settled about 2’-3’ and over about 3 years my slab dropped also. Suprisingly the slab didn’t crack really bad and ended up tearing out the slab to view what was expected, that the soil below had settled.

What a coincidence…I just had one of these yesterday.

I had something similar to this last year. Newly built home, never lived in. The back third of the garage floor had settled about 4". Of course, by this time it had broken away from the front 2/3 of the floor. Front portion of the floor sloped toward the outside, rear portion sloped toward the house.

The basement floor on the other side of the door looks like it is settling also. I wonder if any plumbing stacks are coming apart.

Jim King

The Slab is settling throughout the Lower Level. Garage, Family Room, Laundry Room and Utility areas are all impacted.

Plumbing / Drainage is a concern as well as the Boiler ditribution piping that is routed sub slab.

Foundation wall at the right side of the home shows some indications of cracking but it is the slab throughout the interior that is heavily damaged.

One thought that I had and could not confirm was the damage may have been caused by flooding. Has anyone encountered this in homes that were historically flooded?

That thought Joe is not far from the truth.
Any under slab back fill that was placed under the required 95% compaction of the dry density weight will no doubt settle if flooded and will eventually settle over time without the flooding.

Marcel :slight_smile: