Settlement Issue?

Worse settlement cracking and separations I’ve seen in 9 years. People are going through with purchase. Oh well!

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Oh we’re not done. How about the gaps between the brick and window frames?

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Is that slab near/against house-bricks that are cracked?
Is there a tree(s) in vicinity,neighbors etc?
Obviously do not know what THEIR problem(s) is.

Here, senior lady in Detroit,STEP CRACK, almost got blllshtttd out of $$$ by INSIDE system Cos who flat out told her the house is settling and must have piers and an inside system installed,basement leaked too.

See step crack.

Follow that step crack down to-near edge of basement window.

See what happened to basement wall…crack.

Photos also PROVE the footing is NOT cracked,no settling,no need for piers etc. Basement floor not cracked,didn`t drop etc.

And THE REASON the basement leaked-seeped in this area and some mold and efflorescence was because of the exterior craks in basement wall,period.

There is ONE way to repair/waterproof this,not 2 or 3 or 10 as quite a few inside bozos incompetently state.

If one wants to STOP the water from where it was FIRST entering which would then stop the mold & efflorescence on inside wall/blocks then ONLY exterior waterproofing will accomplish that.NO interior drain tile,pressure relief system would stop the water from entering the exterior cracks etc and NO inside system removes-reduces lateral soil pressure against-the-basement-wall or underground roots,concrete slabs etc. There are some SLABS that have a footing under 'em,its possible…and porch,slab footings can cause cracks in walls and BRICKS etc as well

Underground root photos 3,4 CAUSED the cracks in basement wall which then allowed water to begin to enter basement
Concrete slab and UNDERGROUND roots and clay soil,lateral soil pressure caused multiple cracks in POURED wall,caused step-horizontal cracks in bricks above-on top of wall,gaps around back door…Inside system company installed some beams inside and patched-injected cracks,still leaks and wall continues to move because dork-brains didn`t remove/reduce ANY of the exterior WEIGHT-PRESSURE against-the-wall

GARAGE had muliple STEP cracks in bricks on 2 sides…see slabs that are cracked,leaning against-toward garage and many underground roots…basement walls also cracked,one is bowed,leaks etc
Roots can cause cracks or dry out soil UNDER slabs etc,CAUSE differential settling of soil `n slab(s) and if so, one should remove the roots,as many as possible before pouring a new slab or just underpinning etc

Need to take THESE problems-causes of many, NOT all, cracks etc into consideration INSTEAD of telling every homeowner they have settling problem and need piers or beams or carbon blshtt straps and an inside system all the g dang time,the scum bags.

I hope they obtain an estimate for repairs or replacing by a qualified specialist before closing (Like Mr B)

How do you know if the are or are not going through with the purchase? Follow up call, email?

Agent called me to inform me that she had discussed issues with client and they would be going through with transaction. I always suggest that a structural engineer evaluate to determine the extent and cause of issues listed.

Looks like brick veneer.
I am guessing the place is mid 1970’s ?

This home is a 1930’s home with brick veneer over the wood siding.

By the way John here’s the driveway at the same property. No trees or roots or stumps anywhere in the vicinity of the driveway.

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Looks like erosion (settlement) with hillside washing away.


seems so :mrgreen: