Slant Fin Boiler Age

Hi all,

I’m looking for the age of a Slant Fin Boiler
Model L 30PT
Serial # L43045429

I’m thinking 1995,

I get November 1994.

Thanks Russel, how did you get that?

My research indicates that, for Slant Fin, a nine-digit serial number beginning with a letter means that the letter is the month (A = January, skip I), and the second digit is the last number of the year. They apparently started that system in the late 1980s, so it could be 1994 or 2004. Since you apparently had some information that led you to guess 1995, I “guessed” November 1994 rather than November 2004.

Good guesses come from having as much knowledge as possible about the company while realizing that sometimes it is necessary to combine that knowledge with clues about the house (construction date or renovation/remodel date, manufacture date of water heater, date in toilet tank, date of electric panel, ANSI dates of same, etc.).

Thanks again