Slanted gas meter

1991 Slab on grade, no house settling noted. Could it be that it was installed like this 29 years ago, and what constructive comment should be made, if any.
Thank you

It should be installed as level as possible.

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Hi Eli,

If I were coming up with a narrative I’d say:

Exterior gas meter located at “left side” was uneven/sloped at time of inspection. Gas meters should be installed in a level manner for safe and proper function. Suggest consulting with appropriate utility company and/or a licensed/qualified professional to make corrections as necessary.

Good luck.

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Most likely it was installed that way. Possibly poor alignment with the concrete anchor bracket attached to the foundation. Looks like it needs some fresh paint and caulking at the penetration.

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Good reference! ± 1/4” between inlet and outlet.

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That is about what I went by when contracting, Martin. :smile:


Eli, was the meter anchored to the wall of the house? If so, were the anchors (lags or bolts) broken?

They were fine, good point.

Thank you all for responding!

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I doubt it was installed that way. The accuracy is affected if it is not close to level.