Gas Meter

Should I call this gas meter out? Is there a % that the meter can be tipped? I’m worried that there may be a gas leak or one in the future from the gas lines being stressed. I will be calling this out unless someone with more experience differs.

Sorry, forgot the pic.

Call it out , GAS METER UNLEVEL ,Needs to be adjusted by Gas company

Thanks Roy, I knew it but was just wondering how much lean was acceptable. This looked excessive.

Should be installed as close to level as possible. See installation info here:

Thanks for that Robert. I may include the pdf in my report for the client.

No problem…

Great Info about being level. Also the old default narrative is the gas meter is not supported properly putting undo strain on the gas piping (also in your pdf):).

Here is a lot of great Gas Information it is over 170 pages long .