Slate vrs Asbestos Siding

I have a HI Monday on an old 1900 style home and on the listing sheet, it says Slate siding? By looking at the picture i am assuming it is an Asbestos Cement Siding. I realize if not friable it is perfectly acceptable and I need to point out that it “May” contain asbestos.
My question is, What is the technical term for this type of siding?


[FONT=Helvetica][size=4]“Cement Asbestos-board” siding seems to be the preferred term. I have not heard of it being called by any other name.

Here is a useful attachment that tends to really hit home and show the client what is involved if the siding actually is an ACM…

And no… that is not Slate siding. If you ever see slate siding, it will be on the mansions, not the ‘servants quarters’. :wink:


Thanks Jeff, Great article for the homeowner.

Fiber cement siding

Which may contain asbestos

When I hear that term, they are usually referring to the newer Hardie Board type siding.

Guess it could be a regional thing.

Jeff, I agree, but I like to distance myself from making any statement about asbestos and always recommend testing for confirmation.

Technically what was shown in the picture is a cement based siding that may contain (and probable does) asbestos.

Good info. in your link, thanks.