Little help with this siding material?

I came across this stuff today. It’s approximately 12"x36". Seems to be fiber board material impregnated with asphalt and pattern stamped on. Not brittle commonly seem asbestos shingles. Closest I can find a reference is asphalt impregnated celotex board but couldn’t find any examples. Found one pic at fed site that said it’s asbestos but I’m not confident with their info. Link here to fed image near center of page just like the siding I came across. Any help appreciated!

Is your concern the asbestos?

Irrelevant of ANY source, you NEVER state that a material contains asbestos UNLESS you have had it tested!

Tar shingle siding…That ain’t been around for over 40 years plus.

No! Asbestos siding is asbestos siding…Easy to ID.
No harmful effects unless you are drill or removing it.
JJ what did they make asbestos siding out of…Humm!

I never claimed it was “asbestos” siding… BUT… it could be an “ACM” (Asbestos Containing Material), but one would need to have it tested to be sure… AS I STATED!

Agree, but why would you do that?
It’s like lead based paint …Don’t eat it unless you are in a Chicago housing project ghetto…Huh?:smiley:

Who knows? OP is in Kalamazoo… halfway between Chicago and Detroit! Who knows what they eat over there! :shock:

JJ I’ve heard it taste like chicken livers…

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Well I’m not stating it’s made of asbestos but just wanted to know if I should call it out as possibly containing the stuff for testing yadyadayada… I was concerned the tar material might have that present.

“The exterior walls are frame construction and appear to be covered with asbestos siding.”
Leave it at that. However that ain’t what it is…It friggin Asphalt siding.
Check this out…

Awesome, thanks. That’s what I thought but just wanted some verification. The neighbor was telling my client (first time home buyer) that it was asbestos siding and he was a little concerned. I found plenty of info re asphalt siding with brick patterns but couldn’t find a single example of the wood grain version except that fed site originally posted and that kind of threw me.

Thanks for all the feedback and the love story…

I would NEVER make a statement like that in my report!

Reference post #2 above.


You are stating (or inferring) that it **is **asbestos. You do not know that… until tested… especially since the exact material in unknown. If there was a package with full labeling in the garage that I could examine, I may change my opinion, but short of that, I have NO facts to make such a determination.