Slope vs. Pitch

How many people know the distinction between slope vs. pitch?

I thought they both described rise over run so I am interested in learning the difference.

For the most part it really depends on what you are referencing when using these terms.

As defined in Wikipedia:
The Grade (also called slope, incline, gradient, pitch or rise) of a physical feature, topographic landform or constructed element, refers to the amount of inclination of that surface to the horizontal.

The roof’s pitch is its vertical rise divided by its horizontal span (or run) what is called “slope” in geometry and stair construction.

However as far as roof construction

Pitch is a fraction expression of the rise to the span

Slope is a ratio of the rise (inches) to the span (per foot in inches)

If your roof rises 3 inches for every foot of span:
Slope is 3 to 12
Pitch is 1/4

Slope can be slippery…as when one is foolish to argue with a woman.

A pitch can be anything from a fastball, scewball, slider, knuckleball, curve or even some crap a salesman tries to give you in order to buy their product.




Lateral elevation and horizontal run.

slope - pitch
2/12 - 1/12
4/12 - 1/6
6/12 - 1/4
8/12 - 1/3
10/12 - 5/12
12/12 - 1/2
14/12 - 7/12
16/12 - 2/3
18/12 - 3/4
20/12 - 5/6
22/12 - 11/12
24/12 - 1

Sorry called away.
You will notice that “pitch” is based on rise versus 2run.

I thought someone would have finished off the question.
Pitch is lateral elevation run. Slope is geometry the angle of run.
Rise ( pitch) Lateral and run (slope) Geometry.