Sloppy Brick Work

5 year old home, the homeowner acted as the contractor. Pictures is of a 10 foot wall section that they missed on. The brick was inset over one inch. Other than sloppy work any concerns?



I have looked at your pic and see a chamfered foundation or slab, and open weep joint with no visible plastic weep or manufatured weep, and if this is a running bond why is the course above the first off coursing?
The top of the photo shows a brick joint in excessive of 3/8" and there is no visible sign of counter flashing. It appears that the overall picture might be flemish bond.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Another picture.



I do not see anything wrong with your photos.
Second photo, only showed what may be 12" brick in a 1/4 bond.
I did notice that the brick is of cored brick nature due the way the sloped brick sill was installed.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Was it really a brick problem? Or was it the foundation guys out of wack? Or maybe the ruffin crew didn’t get things lined up?:slight_smile:

I am thinking along the same lines as Carl. Somewhere, someone goofed. I don’t think the mason could make up the difference. Had the mason moved the brick out even with the brick ledge edge, then there would have been a big gap around the window.

It looks like a double brick wall. I don’t see any problems as evidenced in the photos. The brick is resting on the top of the foundation completely and the bevelled edge is not a concern in my opinion.

The big gap around the window (or any other openings in this wall) would have been taken care of with a suitable brick moulding. Hard to tell if they used any in these photos. Was the required 1" air space behind the brick omitted? Did they install the brick tight to the sheathing? The ledge that has been created as a result may pose some future water infiltration problems if proper flashing has not been provided.

That was my main worry, but I guess there is no way to tell without removing the brick. It look as if the slab form slightly let go while pouring, causing the top of the form to move outwards.

Is the brick sitting on a brick ledge or on top of the foundation along with the sill plate / framing.

And as long as it does not look like this behind the brick!


Those were amazing photos that you presented,

How in Gods name can people get away with such construction to provide a building envelope as this and expect to get paid for it.

It really amazes me to see this type of work and hope this is one that you inspected while being built or is it something you noticed driving by.

In either case, I believe I would have got my butt in trouble if I were to notice something like that, I would have interviened. ha. ha.

Thanks for the photo’s.

Joe H. Thanks for the info.


I found it in a subdivision i was doing some stucco jobs in. I called an Overland park ks. city codes inspector. I said you need to get out here and stop this! His reply ( what do you want me to do drop everthing and run evertime you call) I was Pi$$ed. I tried calling the builder he did not answer his phone. I found out he was on vacation. It was a spec house.

Later I saw a sold sign on it and caught the builder sitting in front of it . I ask for the new owners info told him I wanted to talk to them about their stucco.
He said why the stucco is done.

I said ok I really want to talk to them about the brick. He said why I said there is no moisture barrier behind it. He said yes there is I said no theres not. Back and forth about 1/2 dozen times. Then I held up a 8-10 picture.

His mouth dropped open. His response( O no that could cost me a sell) I was Pi$$ed even more.

Then after the new owners moved in and I caght them at home I gave them a set of pictures and told them when they went to court give me a call.
I have a story to tell for them.

That was about a year ago I have yet to hear anything.

Hard to believe, Carl, that this would go un-noticed and no concerns to something that is plain not right.

At least you tried, Good job.


Marcel, I am just getting started. With what they have let happen to the stucco industry I had to quit contracting.
The builders just keep loving the cheaper prices from the unskilled workforce.

The codes officials just turning their heads and playing dumb. They are real good at that. IMO

All these new products that are just the best thing sence the wheel.

AAMA and ASTM need to rethink some applications.

Just the lack of the people careing about the end product.

The homeowners getting the SHAFT of a life time.

Then I find out the gals/guys like with nachi can be sued for missing something and I get pi$$ed even more. Where is the justice in all of this.

Sorry I kinda hijacked the thread.