Small distribution piping

Can anyone help me with a narrative for this distribution piping. Its too small right? And what is that thing under the sink?may 1 264.jpg



I already know the TPR valve discharge pipe is crap.
Clean-out/connection for cast iron drain pipe.

No water lines do not look too small from here. Typical 3/8".

If ya know all that ya know more than me the PEX is rated for hot water and its not reduced in diameter so where is the crap you see

Darn you’re fast Charley. :wink:

State of Virginia Plumbing Code 504.6 number 6.

Discharge in a Manner that does not cause personal injury.
The discharge pipe is very flexible. (A properly functioning TPR valve will eject a powerful jet of hot water from the discharge pipe when fully activated, not a gentle leak.) In my opinion that thing is going to move like a water house under high pressure and could injure someone.

Just how sure of that are you?

Thanks for your help Christopher.

I think you are being peronid

I see no issue with it. You know if you call it up they will just strap it to the hot water heater. The pipe will not curl up and spray the entire area like a water hose.

Maybe not curl up but it is easily moved by hand and has lots of play. Maybe it won’t spray every where, maybe I am being paranoid. But i think a healthy amount of paranoia makes for a good inspector.

I would expend my energies elsewhere and avoid being embarrassed by the plumber who comes behind your report. The TPR discharge is fine. It’s not going to whip around like a loose fire hose.

The one elbow reduces the size but I am not to agreeable with the theory of the whiplash of hot blasted water. The PEX may be rated for 150 PSI and 210 F but some are not.
Reduction in the last 2 feet under the sink with 3/8" is fine.

According to US I believe you can use 100 PSI and 180 F as a minimum but are not allowed to reduce in size and must have an air gap.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. The piping beneath the sink is definitely typical. Supply to the WH looks to be 1/2" which is fine. Strapping the TPR discharge would be good practice.

I would strongly disagree with that statement. There is no room for “paranoia” in our profession. Recommendations should be rational, and based on facts and experience.

Well we just have to disagree then

That is not pex Charlie it is Galvanized.
The under the sink shot may be a capped waterline.

What are you looking at Bob? I see no galvanized in any of the photo’s, only PEX. The capped line is a cast-iron waste pipe (clean-out), and I would guess that it’s 2" +/-

Are you using your phone again? :wink:

I also do believe Charley was talking about the discharge pipe on the WH only.