small pipe from faucet

Hi all,

I saw a small pipe connected from the laundry faucet to the ground. I doubted the purpose of this pipe. Can anyone tell me what is it for?


Is there a floor trap nearby that needs to be kept wet?

Looks like that to me too… Roy

Oh yeah, how can I forget that. Thanks guys.

Typically used to keep a floor drain active as long as they use the laundry tub once in awhile. Some people rarely use the tub and then they want to know why it stinks in the room where the floor drain is.

So ! Are you guys saying this is done to keep the drain trap full ?
Makes sense.

Yes for sure.

Yes, very common up here in Ontario Canada with basement floor drains.

Ya Know ! I have a bathtub that I very rarely use if a all. And If I don’t run some water in it every once in a while a few bugs show up . It took me a while to figure where they were coming from.
Same thing in this situation…Huh ?

You got it!

Even a blind squirrel will find an acorn every one in a while.