drain pipe

As you can see from the pic, the drain pipe goes thru the bottom of the cabinet, I could not locate the trap. I am assuming that it is beneath the cabinet. I could not locate it in the basement either. Is this a problem?

Gary, call this guy.


If it were on one of my inspections, yes.

RR, why would this be an issue on your inspection? Is it because you are unable to get to the trap?

Or say you cannot see a trap, therefore you would not be able to determine if one is present. I would doubt myself it is beneath a cabinet, and if it was how would you service it???

Yep. I have to be able to confirm that a trap is present. If it’s not visible, then I call it out.

i agree. some people may think that the disposal will act as a trap not realizing that the exit pipe for it actualy sits above what ever water may stay in the unit. can’t see it? mayby there’s a good reason for that.