SMH (shaking my head)

Equipment grounding conductor for the range hood was attached to the ungrounded conductor of the circuit :roll:




Where did the black conductor go. I see a green and a white. :slight_smile:

That is screwed up!

Jeff, I think you forgotten the concept of of an energized piece of metal making for a great smoke particle collector:p

Obviously it is not short, his ticker is picking up voltage.
Wonder what the black wire was hooked on too? :slight_smile:

Yep! Negative to positive induction.:smiley:
Really! What did they do with the other conductor…Jeff ! Tell us!

I hadn’t considered that :smiley:

Black from circuit is connected to green, white from circuit is connected to white w/black stripe. I didn’t look to find where the other conductors from the appliance were.

But does the range hood work ? :slight_smile:

Jeff will let us know when he can let go of the switch… :shock:

Aw the guy was just color blind or he was using brail to connect the wires;-)

Early morning wake up device , you guys need to update yourselves .lol

A friend of a friend is a blind electrician. Believe it or not.

Yes, the hood worked. Other than the electrical connection, it was a good installation :slight_smile:

Guess they cut the ground wire to keep it from tripping the breaker!?

I think the installer must have been an auto mechanic, where black goes to ground :smiley:

The hot went to the egc, and the neutral went to neutral. How was the motor or light getting energized?

don’t lick that hood…

Good question, but to be honest, I didn’t look any further into it.

Ahh, great hunch. I couldn’t think of one…

If the unit worked then the green conductor must have connected to the hot conductor on the unit.