is this importiant?

Hay guys/gals. any clue what this green (ground?) wire is supposed to be hooked up to? its a closet furnace in a 2003 single wide. the other little wires are hooked up to the t-state. this one looks as though it was hooked up to something, but i couldn’t find anything missing. i noted it in my report, and told the client i’d get back to her on this one.

100_0798 (Small).JPG


You’ve got green to green there, so it looks like it’s properly connected/grounded; just the wirenut is missing.

I don’t know what it actually grounds, whether the equipment is being grounded to the furnace housing (?) or whether the furnace housing is being grounded, (perhaps a smarter person will let us know), but when I find them like that in my picture, I know from personal experience that SDGE will shut the gas and/or electric to the building off until it is corrected.

01 fau ground (Small).jpg

It is an Equipment Grounding Conductor

See Page 32 and beyond for the diagrams for this unit:

Appears to be the low voltage wiring from the thermostat connecting to the furnace. Green would control the fan, white the heater, yellow the condensing unit and red would be the 24 volt feed.

Scroll down to page 5

Russ. i was afraid it might appear that way from the angle of the pic, but infact the green wire from the t-stat was not connected neither were the blue or yellow. but those low volt wires came out of the furnace, as did the green (120vac looking) one. it looked like it was connected to something at one point, but not now. could it have been from a programmable t-stat?



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nice. thanx dave. looks like a duel function t-stat wired for only heat. there was no a/c at this trailer, but the t-stat was ready for it.

Common wire for thermostats and gas heat units no matter what type of thermostat is used

Yellow controls the air conditioner contactor
Green controls the blower
White controls the heat
Blue is common and on some furnaces is grounded to the furnace case