Smoke detectors

So the law in Florida state that you need a smoke detector in each bedroom and the hallway leading to the bedrooms Older home that have had very little upgrades done over time, and have 1 SD in the hallway from 25 years ago would you call it out as a safety issue and recommend they install new ones in the bedrooms and replace the old one in the hall? or since there is one in the hallway leave it alone??? A Realtor said to me that if it’s called out to add them then the buyers may run. I don’t understand why someone would run when it’s a life safety issue and could save their life!! What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t and never have cared what the realtor thinks.

I hardly ever see a house that incorporates the proper placement or prescence of smoke detectors and or CO detectors. Would that stop me from buying a house or making a big deal about it? Lol, heck no. Do I note in report? Yes.

Just think if you do not write it up and there is a fire tonight . You sure will be on the hook .
I do not listen to agents opinion .
Yes write it up as needs immediate replacement as they are obsolete and missing in many areas .

I write it up as required in SOP.
I also tell the client that many local fire departments will come to the home and install smoke detectors as required at little or no cost. (usually no cost) FYI, the FD in my area will only do this for an occupied home, not vacant ones.

Absolutely call it out. If that realtor never calls you again you have lost nothing. In Florida when new smoke, and/or combo alarms are replaced, they are required to be replaced with 10 year non-replaceable battery type alarms. Safety first!


In NJ, each jurisdiction has it’s own rules on placement and the seller is required to get the Fire Cert before closing anyway. I just note the presence or lack of.