Smoke Detectors

Does anyone know if all, or at least most, hard wired smoke detectors also contain a fixed rechargeable battery back-up?

I’ve never seen one.

I have only seen: 9v battery, 120v, and 120v with 9v battery back up.

Maybe a commerical piece?

Working with Gentex and Kidde they are only using the standard 9 volter. I couldn’t find anything in the Gentex commercial lines using anything else.

Same goes for First Alert, RePLACEable not rechargeable 9 volt battery. They do have a 10 year tamperproof battery model on sale now for $25 or so.($29.99?):stuck_out_tongue:

I advise against using the cheap Rechargeable 9 volts because of their short life, they don’t charge up to 9 volts even when new. Some are 7.2, some are 8.4 volts. Better to use good standard batteries, change them every year. I’m discarding an alarm that was installed in my place in '98 - too old to be reliable.

Most Fire marshalls will tell ya Smokes should be replaced every 10 years…I have never seen any that are rechargeable. Can’t say they dont exist but I have never seen any.

I always seem to jump on contractors that dont put the plastic wraps on them during construction…allowing dust and so on to gather in them and reduce their effectiveness…

I have never seen a re-chargable one , but it sure would be convenient wouldn’t it ?..I just got done changing all the batteries in mine what a pain…

Just buy the 9 volt lithium batteries now on the market. They last the life of the smoke alarm, which is about 10 years. They cost around $9.00 each. I get mine at Batteries Plus, if you have one in your town.

Lithium batteries are awesome! They are all I use in my cameras.

Thanks guys.

They are worth the extra cost and also they last much longer as well too.

Merci, Marc