Smoke fire detector question.

This condo in Ca was built in 1996. It has a fire sprinkler system in the attic with heads in each room. Is this device on the ceiling simply a smoke detector or a combination detector?

Combo smoke and heat detector most likely.
Addressable to a zone and connected to a central monitoring.
Looks like an Ademco 5808 Smoke Detector.
Do not test those or you will have the fire dept on you.

Thank you!

That one is connected to the condo system so that if there’s a fire in one condo, all condos and condo buildings get notified via the alarm. I always warn my condo Clients that the HOA tests the systems annually, sometimes semi-annually, at in at least one condo complex that I know of, monthly. They always test them in the wee hours of the morning to make sure the alarm wakes up people. They don’t warn anyone, either, because if people knew that a fire alarm test was going to happen at 3:15 a.m., everyone would stay up waiting for it.