Smokers home / interior smell remedy?

:shock: Smokers home / interior smell remedy? What do you all suggest?

T.S.P sponged on the wall and collected by squeegee of the wall plus apply baking soda to rugs and let sit for a hour then vacuum to remove smells from the carpet. As for porous furniture it must be removed from the area. Light fixtures and glass are soaked in a sink.
T.S.P. – Trisodium Phosphate Powder is great for this and makes sure the paint sticks to the wall after, if the carpets still smell there is a dry method of removing the odors by specialists.

Unoccupied house and use an ozone machine for about 12 hours and see where that leaves ya and maybe need another does of 12 hours.

“The walls and ceilings throughout the house are stained in a manner indicative of cigarette smoke stains, which you should view for yourself.”

“A smoker or smokers occupy or occupied this residence, which can have an adverse affect on air quality, and require extensive cleaning of walls, floors, air ducts, etc. We will not comment further, but please do read the disclaimer at the beginning of this section of the report.”

Joe that is a good but he is looking for remedies as for Ozone yes it will deaden the senses of your noes but it will not get rid of the smell it will just create more pollution.

Keep in mind, if there were heavy smokers in the home the HVAC indoor coil (and ductwork) is most likely caked with old tar, nicotine and the odors may not go away completely until that coil is professionally cleaned. I have gone into bathrooms where people had been smoking for years and the condensation from the showers would attract the smoke and the tar would be literally dripping from the A/C registers & visible on many horizontal surfaces.

Buy a different home.

Worked in apartments for a dozen years. These little bombs work wonders if there is nothing visible - nicotine running down the walls, etc.

Had an apartment once occupied by 2 chain smokers for 10 years. Everything came out - carpets, linoleum, refrigerator, dishwasher, doors, baseboard heaters, etc. Acid washed brick fireplace. 3 coats of Kilz, 2 finish coats of paint. I bet $10k was spend restoring that apartment to livable condition.

As Chad indicated. I found Kilz worked wonders on ceilings and walls.

Bryce I do agree that Kilz’s works but the wall must be cleaned first or the smoke will bleed right through again when it gets wet, so to be successful you must get the film off the wall with TSP.

I agree - paint won’t stick well to any kind of debris - nicotine, soot, whatever.

I used to do flood and fire restoration. For smoke we would wash down all the walls and vacume the ceilings. There are products out there to use that help mitigate the smell as you wash. We would then encapsulate the walls and ceiling in paint (KILZ). The underlay would get pulled and the carpets cleaned with the same stuff we used to wash the walls. When we were done an ozone machine would go in for a day or two. Never had an issue with bleed through or smell if done this way.

Kevin, this sounds interesting. I have a few questions ?
Where do you get TSP ? Is it sold for this purpose ? Does it tell you a solution amount ? Do walls need to be re-painted after, or can this be used as a cleaning method, if paint is in decent condition ?

John you can get TSP at any home improvement store. Instructions are pretty simple. It is used to clean surface before painting, so re-painting will probably be required. Still amazes me that anyone smokes, you can’t use TSP on your lungs!

Yeah, they can get awful purdy!:shock:


Be aware that TSP is not what it used to be after the EPA made new rules on phosphates.

The real thing is still available but the big box stores may not have it.

Check the label as they have changed the formulation.

I recently used watered-down Vodka in a pump sprayer to get rid of cat smells in a home basement.

Had a great time, too.

Fresh² Florescent
are similar in style to other compact fluorescent bulbs in that they
resemble a long white tube that has been bent into a spiral and they can be used
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You can find TSP at your local paint stores.

I’m glad I quit smoking ( 4 years ago) although I have to admit I still would love to have one every now and then.