Smurf Tube or PVC?

I am building a home and while the house is not done yet I want to either prerun cable for Ethernet/Coax or if I can run smurf tube(ENT) or PVC. So it can be easier to change out later on if need to be.

From reading on some other forums that I cannot run PVC in the walls for low voltage wiring. Is this true?
If so could I run smurf tube(ENT) instead?
Or do the wires need to be bare?

I am in Texas and Grimes County

Thank you for your help.

What the heck is Smurf tube? Most of us here are professionals, and prefer the proper nomenclature… Flexible Conduit- ENT

Here is the best way to explain it. That I could find.

That is correct considering you answered your own question without reading my “moderated post”. Sorry for not being “Professional enough” to meet your expectations.

I thought this was a place to be civil and help out people that is trying to get answers for some that might not know the “proper terminology”.

Smurf tubing is acceptable for low voltage use.

A large portion of upscale new construction up here run smurf tubing during rough in from the attic to the crawl space, master bedroom, above fireplaces and in custom cabinetry for all the speaker wires, alarms, catv, CAT 5-6 cables. Not uncommon to see 3, 4 or 5 stubs in the attic above the insulation.

Ironic that you found this in less than 7 minutes of my post, but you couldn’t answer your original query.

I guess we have another addition to the list:

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  2. Smurf tube

All I am asking on if PVC can be used in the wall else can I use PVC and pass inspection.

I know what smurf tube was. You were the one that did not know.

Thank you both.

You can run either, for long runs, like from the basement to the attic, PVC might be a little better since it’s easier to pull through later.