Sneak peek at a hospital/dental/life offering we're working on...](

I didn’t find any mention of specific benefits at the link.

Will vision be included?

NACHI is pleased to sponsor health benefits for its members, including Hospital Indemnity insurance from Professional Insurance Company, a member of Genworth Financial. Formerly a division of General Electric, Genworth Financial has more than $105 billion in assets, and operations in 24 countries serving over 15 million customers. Professional Insurance Company is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. Click Continue to learn more about these NACHI-sponsored benefits.

Wendy, your Continue doesn’t work. :cool:

That’s okay. I’m used to not having a continue button. :wink:

No I was just posting the quote from the site that shows the specific benefit listed because Russell missed it.

Thanks though! :wink:

The Continue button takes me to a map of the United States where my only choice is Colorado. Ergo, there are no benefits for me in California.

I need to know more also. Like RR said, only one state right now? When will we see more?

I guess your the only one seeing a “Specific Benefit” list…because I don’t see one either.

It’s just like RR said!

Ah-ha, fellow grasshoppers.
Me thinks me understands what head grasshopper is saying.
The title of this thread is “Sneek peak at . . . we’re working on.”
So we get our sneek peak by clicking on Colorado to see the benefits that are being worked on for the other 49 states.
Margaritas can clear up confusion.
Of course, they can also cause confusion.

See, There is my problem…The only thing in my cup is coffee this morning:(