Group health insurance.

Go to the bottom of this page and click on NACHI link in the left blue border.

Should be ready to launch next week.

Hi, Nick. Thats good. I have a question for you.

AS you know I am in Canada and with nachi gaining strength it would be nice to know what is available for us vs. those in the states.

Here is my issue. Everything that you are doing is great but everytime you annouce something I have to ask if inspectors in Canada are included.

Would I find this by only reading the “for Canadian Inspectors” in the forum?


Steven Davies


If I’m not mistaken, Canada has it’s own socialized healthcare program, no? I’d be surprised if NACHI can do anything there.

What I’m curious to know is if this is a TRUE group health plan. Is it guaranteed issue? Considered credible coverage? Typically plans like this are more discount programs, not much more.


Steven, does not work in Canada but all our other sites are Canadian freindly ( , ,,, etc). This particular health plan probably won’t. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stuff doesn’t work in Canada but we are joining Canadian chamber.

I can’t think of any other that aren’t available to Canadians, so about 99% are available to Canadian members.

And this year we are holding our national convention in Canada

I just did a quick scan of and can’t find any others that aren’t available to Canadians.

Also, I am to a small extent responsible for PRO-LAB opening their only sister lab in Canada.

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