Sniff…I’m have such trouble holding back the tears…this so-o-o sad…

Mi querido amigo

I am Mr. Nikolai Bondaruk, at present I am suffering from throat cancer and have a hole in the heart. My attending medical practitioner has just informed me that my days are counted because of my degraded health.

My matrimonial situation is such as I do not have a wife and even less children to whom I could bequeath my heritage. It is because of this I would like gracious and with the aim of help stripped to give you this known as heritage rising to a value of $9.5 million US dollars for you to use it to help the orphans, victims of war, HIV/Aids, and expand the work of God in your country, after receiving the fund you shall have 10% for yourself and 5% to cove any expenses you will incur during the transfer of this fund to you in your country and the remaining 85% be for the said project.

As you can see this is a very hard to take but I have no option than to will out this deposit before my major operation in few days from now therefore I would like you to think about it very well and forward to me your complete data, full name, address, age, occupation and telephone number, etc.

I count on your goodwill and especially the good use of these funds for your endeavors.

For more details and urgent reply contact me with this email (

God bless you and your family.

My regards,
Yours brother in the lord,
Mr. Nikolai Bondaruk.

This one looks real Jae.

This guy is really screwed. Not only does he not have a wife, but has less than zero children !!! :shock:

That’s counting in “binary metric” and divide by 3 1/4…