Snyder General Air Handler age

Hello all,

I’m having an issue finding the age of this unit online. didn’t have this style of serial information on the site. My guess is 1990 due to the appearance of the unit but wanting to be sure about it.
Thanks in advance.

Obsolete Brand (1994) - Operated as SnyderGeneral until 1994, when the company was acquired by Hong Leong Group Malaysia.

Beat me to it Stephen:

I would guess 08/1990.

I would agree with '90.

16th week of 1990

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I would agree with Darren Tews, Somewhere in the “acquisition of companies” SnyderGeneral at that time has the SN format of ICP during that time and lives on as ICP’s date code format of today and looks like 1990, 16th week. (Chasing these SNs is like encountering the BORG, So many companies have been Assimilated)