So, how is your AC working?

House never got cool and the electric bills were huge.

I guess the inspector before wanted a cooler attic :slight_smile: I have wished I could do it. I have heard of A/C guys doing it when they have to be up there. It sure looks to have been cut.

How else do you see the coils??

Where was that house? It looks very familiar.
Were there u-v lights in there?

I see it all the time in attics and I hear all kind of stories why they put ac in attics unbelievable.

This was the filter from yesterday’s Home Inspection!

Here is the filter from yesterday’s inspection! :shock:

Jerry, you think that is bad.

Ha ha, talk about a hairy situation during a Home Inspection! :twisted:

Man, that is a lot of dirt for 30 days. Ha

I’ll see your dirty filter & raise you a dirty air handler! :stuck_out_tongue:


Straight Flush beat that.

Lacks clearances, light and outlet, floor. Removal of the duct is a good step in the right direction toward the removal of the unit to a proper location. Really ought to insulate the condensate drain line too. I can’t see if it has a safety cut off for the electic supply in the photo.

That’s what I love about inspections can’t just stop when you find one thing wrong.

The house was previously inspected in August in Port St. Lucie and the inspector cut that hole to inspect the attic b/c he left his breathing apparatus at home that day.

Pete, was that you that cut the hole in the duct?

Next time I’m in hot attic, I’ll try that. Just slice a hole in the duct work and cool off. LOL

Picky, picky them is just details. I am glad when the home has A/C.

A/C check
Roof check
floor check
walls check
plumbing check
electric check

That will be $99. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure you write it up “Damaged duct work observed in attic at air handler”!:mrgreen:
Actually, one of the suggestions form the attic foil people was to disconnect one of the lines to cool the attic when you install the attic foil.