Air Conditioner Condenser in Attic

On one of our inspections yesterday I found an A/C condenser in the attic that works a system for the garage. Never seen that before.




I’ll bet that is nice and efficient!

You could always use extra heat added to a South Florida attic.:shock:


That can’t be right!

Should qualify as defect of the month…But it’s been working for 20yrs.

No one is going to steal it

Remnants of a grow room —

What was the duct tape doing on the fan grill?:roll:

Keeps the job interesting!:wink:

Looking closer, I see that it is not duct tape, but a custom sheet metal duct work system. Maybe a r and d guy from Trane live here previously;-)

Freaking deal killer!

Inside - Outside…it was on one of the “sides”.

My Realtor said this was the upgrade install, it prevent theft and it allows it to last much longer due to the lack of expose to the rain and salt water.

This 'Inspector" knows nothing, the Realtor knows EVERYTHING…

He is just another deal killer in a bad *** Sprinter van…

I am thinking that is an unlicensed install, by someone who knows just enough to be dangerous!:slight_smile:

Wow…Russ and Quig chiming in…welcome back.

Actually not an uncommon installation back in the day from what I have been told. Suppose to duct out through the roof, with the soffit vents supplying fresh air. Very noisy and vibrates when running. Hmmmmm.

maybe not a defect…if it’s working properly but it is in obvious need of replacement

Double duty ac and attic vent :smiley:

double duty AC and attic ventilation:D

Yes very efficient, nothing like 140 degree air sucking into those cooling fins.
Very funny Russ — “Deal Killer–Realtors knows all” :shock: It’s OK your just being a butt hole Mr. Inspector it been working like this for years! Ha ha ha !

Wow, that’s a 1st for me, nice find & tnx for sharing! lol

:DThat is too funny! upgraded install;-)