So much reading

Howdy. I was wondering if there are any plans to incorporate some video into the online courses. I really do not like to read, not to say I can’t. But these courses are killing me with all the reading. I think some video clips would be great in there. The courses that have had video have been great except for the fact that everything in the video was repeated in the reading part.

I am also thinking about this for my son. He has 3 different learning disabilities that pertain to reading. He will be lucky to graduate High School reading at a 5th or 6th grade level. He would never be able to complete the courses, In his case video OR a text to speech option would be needed.

As of now, Iowa does not have licensing for home inspection, but I can see it happening. This why I chose this organization is because of the educational aspects, and because if licensing is ever required, I could see NACHI being an accepted means for certification and CEU’s.

Just my thoughts.

Really? Not a single comment? Not even a “when hell freezes over”?

I can see nothing for my dislike for reading, but I would of expected the issue of making this stuff accessible to people with learning disabilities to at least get a response, good or bad. That really disappoints me in the idea of this organization being about education of any kind. You can’t simply ignore the idea thinking it will go away. I will bump this post every couple of weeks if I have to to get SOME response.

Keep going on your courses, the further you get down the list the more videos that will be incorporated.

Don’t forget, your not allowed to complain when you start to come across two hour or longer videos. Lol

lol, thanks.

I will get by and get it done, but the struggles my son or someone like him would have with the courses would be huge. It is hard to imagine for someone who doesn’t live with these issues to understand. I am not saying I do, but I do see him struggling to get through everyday life. With having soon to be 2 businesses, I would like for him to come into one of them. But at this point, I do not see a way for him to complete the courses. I have learned over the years that the best and sometimes only advocate for my son is me. This is why I am so adamant about this.

I have some idea’s on how to make this accessible if there is interest. All it can do is make this place better.

Get used to lots and lots of reading as it never ends and is part of the job.

Honestly, your question was for Nick and the other powers that be, not us. Send it to

Scroll down and you’ll get to the video courses.%between%

This is a general forum for inspectors to discuss their educational experience, and to ask questions of InterNACHI’s Education Committee.

I took that description for the forum to mean that was who I was talking to. Sorry for posted for all to read.

Scroll down and you’ll get to the video courses.

yes but they do not count for membership requirements as I understand. Please verify.

They all count toward CE. Under each course title it tells you if it is an online course or an online video course and how many CEs each are worth. The online video courses count too. Scroll down in to get to them.