Having alot of trouble with the NACHI exam

does anyone have any good ideas or subjects i can study for the exam, even the practice one i didnt get a good enough score, and im concerned about my education, almost 1/3 of the questions that were on there were not covered by my schooling (schooling provided from Allied Home Inspection School) and im a bit concerned about this. I aced everything my school covers but has anyone delt with this company as far as schooling, and does anyone have a link or information on where i can get more learning because im not a memeber yet i dont have access to that area, which is ironic because first year of member ship comes with the allied program once i pass it and the nachi test, so how wouldnt they work together???

ive searched for many of the answers through out my study information and couldnt locate some things anywhere… if you can help i would really appriciate it considering im trying to get out on the field within the next 30 days or so

thnaks ahead of time


The Code Check book series is a good place to start.

Becoming a home inspector just isn’t as easy as taking a course and reading some books. I took a H.I. pre-licensing course (80hours) at a local college and only 25% of us passed the state exam. Years of experience in construction is a plus. Bartending is much easier. Maybe that old guy Roy has some advice.

Hi. Adam;
I am not old Man Roy, :wink: but will try to help. (hey, Linus you said that, not me.)ha. ha.

It is not easy to learn being a good Inspector with just the schooling, and as Linas pointed out, a Construction Background is always a plus.

I have been in Construction for 40 years plus, and when it come time to passing the NACHI Test I had gone through all of the 2500 frames of the Practice for State Licensing Exam. I really think that helped.
But the advantage I had was my background and the first test I took for the first time only took 32 minutes +/-.

I was surprised to see all the specifics that I really did not know by heart.

That is a good start and the fact that you have all these fine people on this message board is also a help.

If there should be anything you need help with, feel free to e-mail me at
mcyrhammer@verizon.net and pay attention that this is not mc hammer :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Adam passing the test is nothing compared to what you need to know in the field but there is one book many of us have started with that seems to cover much of the test.

Home Reference Book by Carson Dunlop.
If you did not use it in class go get it as a great starter.

Building Science classes are usually avaiable at CC or VoTech schools. Books, DVDs, anything you can get your hands on. Someone was working on a “Recommended Reading list” at one time. Don’t know what happened to it. You have identified a problem that most of the general public and many people trying to break into the HI business. It is not as easy as the advertisements and brochures make it out to be. You will or should never stop learning. I look for free classes online all the time. McGraw-Hill Education has some free and very well done courses. Subscribe to some of the trade journals and magazines; Journal for Light Construction for example. There are many many others. Some will give you a free subscription, some will give deep discounts for students or professionals but you have to ask for it. Once you get a few they will be sending you new offers to new mags all the time. I get a s**tload of free subscriptions. It takes time, study and effort. This business is not for the faint of heart.

I guess not I was giving him some advice before and asked him why when He had a question did he post it in three or more places.
Well I guess I must have put turpentine on his Bottom as he told me in not very nice words to keep my advice to my self as he did not think I was an assert to the inspectors on the NACHI site.
Well one bit of advice that I do not think our 22 year old who is ("not with out talent and is a good bar tender ")( his words ) will listen too.
Do not give up your day job just yet because if you are having trouble with the NACHI exam ,you are a long way from being able to make a living at home inspections at this time .
You are welcome to prove me wrong and If you do in three years I will buy you a bottle of Crown Royal and apologies In one area of this Bulletin Board . All the Best .

thats great, lol, i do understand what u are all saying, im just more conserned because i have about 4-5 yrs construction history so foundations and all are down, but my course doesnt go over heating or electrical as well as i guess it should… it does cover much and everything that it covers it covers beautifully, but like your saying i dont wanna pass the test and be on the feild and get jammed up on something, and god forbid the client notices and there goes a ton of referals, but ive been speaking to someone about going on a ride along, and feel if i do a few of these i should be alot better off on the field… but some of the questions, the way there written kinda threw me off too

one off the topi question, does it cost money to take the national exam, and if not if i fail the first time, what happens in order to take it again ( pay the second time, wait a certain amount of time?)

Thanks Roy,
I have to apologize for calling you old. It was Marcel’s idea.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
He’s probably in bed by now.

Now those are words of wisdom. A ton of referrals. That’s the last thing you gotta worry about.

No apology needed I know I am there .
Fortunately Mother nature with my help has allowed me to be healthy and active.
I enjoy every minute of every day and am lucky to have a wife who is just as active and healthy.
We work as a team and get more inspections then we want.
Have just finished or close too it mentoring two good students who with a little luck will make great home Inspectors.
One does his first inspection tomorrow .
He phoned to ask if I would be home in case he had to ask a question.
He will do fine I am sure


lol, i thought i was never gonna hear from you again i missed ya cooke… and i will hold you to that when i make it, i do love me some crown royal… No i trully and honestly do expect this to take a very long time for it to be a career, any business you start on your own is hard to start living off of at first, im just mainly concerned my knowledge isnt going to be prime enough, i have studied much of this booard, talk to many of people, and am trying to learn as much as possible, and to stop learning is to give up on life, the sayin that you should learn something new everyday is very true, but it think you should learn 5,6,7 new things everyday to keep your mind sharp…

but yea cooke, missed ya man, couldnt be scared going into this business without ya man…

thanks everyone

Adam you are on speed:)
Take one thing at a time.
Start by passing the test and stop worring about the other stuff till you get there .
Only one in twenty will ever take the test and pass .
The number for those that do anything with a license is even smaller.
So stop with the money burning a hole in your pocket.

Not yet Linus, it is Friday, and Roy, I would never call you Old, just a young smart man that is older than me by 14 years. That is cool. That makes me a young pup. :wink:

Thanks Linus;) :twisted:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

You’re a smooth talker MC. You called Roy older than dirt and were eloquent about it. You’re trouble.:stuck_out_tongue:

Linus, I think Roy has already made his assesment and Judgement to me calling him a young man or an old Man. He knows I respect my elders. :smiley: :wink:

I hope you are keeping busy and family is well Linus.
Good night.

Marcel :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good night Marcel.:wink:

Most have no idea how close Marcel and Roy are .
We comunicate about 200 times a year and a lot less on the phone.
Incedently Marcel I now have skype so we can talk on the net for free not quite as good as land line but works pretty good .
Cost for a Mike was it .
I can call to a land line in Europe for 2 cents a minute have not tried that yet. Use it frequently with raymond .
Does not tie up the computer or the land phone.

Adam here is a list of free on line courses that someone posted a few weeks ago. INACHI has Education at InterNACHI’s University all free

Free online Courses

Free on-line courses for “Basics of Electricity”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Basics%20of%20Electricity)

Free on-line courses for “Basics of Electrical Products”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Basics%20of%20Electrical%20Products)

Free on-line courses for “Busway”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Busway)

Free on-line courses for “Load Centers”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Load%20Centers)

Free on-line courses for “Molded Case Circuit Breakers”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Molded%20Case%20Circuit%20Breakers)

Free on-line courses for “Panelboards”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Panelboards)

Free on-line courses for “Power Monitoring and Management with ACCESS”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Power%20Monitoring%20and%20Management%20with%20ACCESS)

Free on-line courses for “Safety Switches”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Safety%20Switches)

Free on-line courses for “Switchboards”](http://www.enm.com/training/siemensstepcourses.asp#Switchboards)

Free on-line course for "The Attic: Three Components, One System "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “Essentials of Masonry”](http://www.free-ed.net/sweethaven/BldgConst/Masonry/default.asp)

Free on-line course for “Professional Carpentry”](http://www.free-ed.net/free-ed/BldgConst/Carpentry01.asp)

Free on-line course for “Why Build With Steel? Utilizing Light-Gauge Steel Framing Systems”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/272000)

Free on-line course for “Wood in Architecture”](http://www.seminars.cwc.ca/previews/seminar8/slide0800.html)

Free on-line course for “Protection Against Termites and Decay”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Engineered Wood Basics”](http://www.wooduniversity.org/index.cfm)

Free on-line course for “Design of Wood Connections”](http://www.wooduniversity.org/index.cfm)

Free on-line course for “Metric and Wood”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “LEED Certification and Sustainable Steel Building Systems”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/303542)

Free on-line course for "Finger Jointed Lumber "](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Engineered Wood Products”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Connection Design”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Designing for Permanence”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Lateral Load Resisting Systems for Wood Structures”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Designing for Torsional Stability in Wood Members”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Earthquake and Wind Design with Wood”](http://www.seminars.cwc.ca/)

Free on-line course for “Conventional Floor Framing”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Conventional Wall Framing”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Lateral Load Bracing”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Roof / Ceiling Framing”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Introduction to the Wood Frame Construction Manual”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “The Basics of Wood Frame Construction”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “What Is Conventional Construction?”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Characteristics of Wood”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for "Grade Marks "](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Designing with the National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction (NDS 1997)”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for "Designing with the National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction (NDS 2001) "](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “LRFD Manual for Engineered Wood Construction”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Introduction to ICFs: Insulating Concrete Forms”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271994)

Free on-line course for “Wood Frame Construction Manual 1995 SBC High Wind Edition”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Wood Frame Construction Manual 2001 National Edition”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Design of Wood Frame Buildings for High Wind, Snow, and Seismic Loadings”](http://www.awc.org/HelpOutreach/eCourses/)

Free on-line course for “Form with Function: Dramatic Design with Cable and Rod Systems”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/270331)

Free on-line course for “Integrally Colored Concrete”](http://www.ronblank.com/dav03a.htm)

Free on-line course for "Pre-Molded: Bell Footing Form System "](http://www.ronblank.com/big03a.htm)

Free on-line course for "The Exterior Wall: A Systems Approach "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “Design of Large Exterior Openings”](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=14)

Free on-line course for "Principles of Universal Design in Housing and Home "](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/272788)

Free on-line course for “Creating Custom Curves: Adding Interest to Architectural Designs”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271535)

Free on-line course for "Introduction to Decking & Railing Systems "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for "Evolution of Footing Forms "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “Light-Gauge Steel Framing Connection Products”](http://www.ronblank.com/die05f.htm)

Free on-line course for "Utilizing Light-Gauge Steel Framing Systems "](http://www.ronblank.com/die05g/intro/die05g.html)

Free on-line course for “Aluminum Expansion Joint Covers”](http://www.ronblank.com/nys05a.htm)

Free on-line course for “Pressure Treated Wood”](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=25)

Free on-line course for "Principles of Attic Ventilation "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for "Exterior Insulation Finish System "](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=3)

Free on-line course for “Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barriers & Control Coatings”](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=6)

Free on-line course for "Understanding Thermal Performance and XPS "](http://www.ronblank.com/xps07a.htm)

Free on-line course for “Assuring Water Resistance of Masonry Construction”](http://www.ronblank.com/mor04a.htm)

Free on-line course for "Wind Driven Rain Louvers "](http://www.ronblank.com/ras10a.htm)

Free on-line course for “Control of Condensation, Mold and Energy Leakage to Improve Building Performance”](http://www.ronblank.com/icy07a.htm)

Free on-line course for “Waterproofing Exterior Cementitious Wall Surfaces”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271537)

Free on-line course for “The ABC’s of Trench Drainage”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/270287)

Free on-line course for Mold and Moisture](http://www.buildingmedia.com/stock/)

Free on-line course for “The Science of Specifying Moisture and Mould Control in Framed Wall Assemblies”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/303540)

Free on-line course for “The Science of Specifying Moisture & Mold Control in Framed Wall Assemblies”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271534)

Free on-line course for “Fluid Applied Waterproof/Air Barriers for Moisture Control and Mold Prevention in Wall Construction”](http://www.stocorp.com/stotraining2.nsf/vmaindocs/slide1)

Free on-line course for “Moisture Management in Sidewall Construction”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/270286)

Free on-line course for "Antimicrobial Material: A Way To Inhibit Mold And Mildew Growth "](http://www.ronblank.com/cos06b/cos06b_intro/cos06b.html)

Free on-line course for “Waterproofing the Building Envelope”](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=31)

Free on-line course for "“NACHI roofing course”](http://www.nachi.org/forum/../roofingcoursereleased2005.htm)

Free on-line course for "New Dimensions in Asphalt Shingles "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for "Low Slope Bituminous Roof Systems "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “Roofing and Glazing Polycarbonate Sheeting Systems”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/1413958)

Free on-line course for “Cool Thermoplastic Roofing Systems for Sustainable Buildings”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/272445)

Free on-line course for "The Use of Self Adhering Systems in Low Slope Roofing "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “Single-Ply Commercial Roofing”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271494)

Free on-line course for "Asphalt Shingles & Roofing Products "](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=24)

Free on-line course for “Reflective-Protective Roof Coating Systems”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271999)

Free on-line course for "Designing Sustainable Roofing Insulation Systems using Plastic Materials "](http://www.ronblank.com/basf7a/basf7a_intro/basf7a.html)

Free on-line course for “Walkable Roof Deck Membranes”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/272789)

Free on-line course for "Concrete Roof Tile Orientation "](http://www.ronblank.com/mlt07a/intro/mlt07a.html)

Free on-line course for "Use of Snow Retention Devices: Science or Fiction? "](http://www.ronblank.com/mri07a/intro/mri07a.html)

Free on-line course for "Solar Heating Metal Wall Systems "](http://www.ronblank.com/cei13a.htm)

Free on-line course for "HVAC Ductwork: Issues, Answers & Practical Consderations "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for “The Heart of the Home: Specifying Today’s Gas Fireplaces”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271998)

Free on-line course for "Windows: An Inside View "](http://www.certainteed.com/CertainTeed/Pro/Design+Professional/DesignProContEduc.htm)

Free on-line course for "Designer Garage Doors "](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=21)

Free on-line course for “Float Glass Manufacturing and Architectural Glass Products”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271997)

Free on-line course for “Specialized Steel Doors and Frames”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/1413957)

Free on-line course for "Specifying Windows "](http://www.ronblank.com/asw08a/asw08a_intro/asw08a.html)

Free on-line course for “Impact Resistant Glazing Systems for Coastal Construction”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/272792)

Free on-line course for "Advanced Fenestration Technology "](http://www.ronblank.com/cab08a/intro/cab08a.htm)

Free on-line course for “Historic Window Rehabilitation”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271539)

Free on-line course for "Automatic & Revolving Doors "](http://www.ronblank.com/cgi-priv/info.pl?action=course&id=17)

Free on-line course for "Comparative Study of Wood and Aluminum Windows in Commercial Buildings "](http://www.ronblank.com/pela8a/intro/pela8a.html)

Free on-line course for “Commercial Upward-Acting Sectional Doors”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/271064)

Free on-line course for “Understanding Special Purpose Doors and Windows”](http://www.aecdaily.com/en/270906)

Good luck



great thanks alot, ill check them out…