Solid Main beam Checking

Would like some other eye’s and thoughts on this.
1940’s build 1 story out in the boonies of Kentucky.
Solid wood main beam has some major checking going on. I don’t see many solid wood beams here so just wanting some opinions on this. I normally see vertical checking on wood post for decks, but since this is horizontal beam and checking is also horizontal would there be any concerns?

That checking been like that for long long time… unless there are indication of movement or failure, heavy deflection, etc… at most I would mention what I noted and that’s it.


I agree with Simon.

Thanks gentlemen much appreciated :smiley:

When I consider the forces applied, I do not think the checking is an issue. Often these checks will open and close a bit depending on heat or humidity. I agree with Simon, if the structure is performing then no big deal.

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You might document the spans involved: this beam holds up how many square feet of floor area, how many stories?

The big question is not the checking, as others have noted, but any distress to the structure above.

Doing something about this, such as adding a post, could bring its own new problems.