Solid stone cladding

Anyone knows when did the weep screeds started to be used with the stone clad siding. I know that the newer type artificial stone cladding and stucco requires felt/lath/weep screeds etc, but I have a house built in 1950 with a 5" solid stone cladding, with 2 layers of 30lb felt paper, but there are no weep screeds installed. It is installed over the wood frame, cannot tell if there is or what type of sheating is there. The cladding goes down 16" below the sill plate, over the block foundation and rests/sits on a concrete ledge. So since it is stacked from the ledge up, the screeding would really be impossible to install, as the stone would have to be suspended, that is, to be mortared onto the wall. Impossible task, considering that it is a solid, blue stone = quite heavy. There does not seem to be any water damage or evidence of moisture, but there are some small settlement cracks that will need repairs. What are your takes on that?

Over 50 years with no problems?? Don’t try to fix it.

I’d point out that it is a defect by today’s standards but may have been acceptable at the time the house was built. I’d say that you saw no signs of water damage. I would not put it in the Summary as a significant issue, and would tell them they are welcome to obtain a 2nd opinion if they have wish.

Is it really a defect by today’s standards? How would the stone be installed over the weep screed with all of that weight? I just dont see many options there, really. Maybe with weep holes yes, but weep screed ? What do you think.

I’d simply say that there was no evidence of a drainage plane.

Thanks for the input