Some of you have been asking for special Radon Inspection Agreement.

Our attorneys have made one. Check through it and make any suggestions you might have.

Can it be shortened up a bit (somewhere)? Often times I do home inspections, mold sampling/inspections, and radon measurements as a package. All documents the client reads and signs in these cases is like reading a book. I do like the agreement though and can see the real value in it.

thanks nick (& it was good to meet you in toronto)

To my recollection the EPA action level is a level which can be reasonably obtained through mitigation throughout the lower 48 states. If I am not mistaken, EPA’s stand on radiation levels is “any unnecessary elevated radiation exposure is too much”. In other words; 3.9 is not safe and 4.1 dangerous.

I don’t see any reason to have paragraph 7 in there. There’s no reason to come back on a issue concerning radon as radon levels fluctuate minute by minute, hour by hour and drastically change seasonally. What does anybody need to go back for?

Also it might be a good idea to replace this paragraph with a paragraph indicating that radon testing is only a snapshot of a given 48-hour period of time and that radon levels will fluctuate or deviate from these readings.

Paragraph 6 can also be deleted by stating that this agreement only pertains to radon testing(seeing as this is specifically a radon inspection agreement). This paragraph can contain the part about the inspector offering mitigation options but is not part of the testing procedure. Mitigation certification is separate from testing and should probably be spelled out.