Sooo many ways to describe this...

“Hey Honey, I insulated the attic for next to nothing!”

“When idiots shop at Home Depot”

“Approx. Insulation depth: 6”, 12", 6", 12" 6"…"

“The attic has been insulated using blown fiberglass, batt fiberglass and a moron.”

Those are some of my captions, let’s see what else you come up with.:mrgreen:

I hear you and many do not understand about ventilation and the dynamics of a home. This one you post is not so bad as the ones I see around here are unbelievably bad.

Did you see any mold like stains or blocked ventilation?

In order to describe I we need to see the entire picture.

To be honest I would not make a huge deal over what I see in this pic. (now this is like 5% of the attic, are there soffit vents blocked? how old is the home? Any visible knob & tube?

I would note unprofessional installation, uneven distribution and recommend someone competent would review for properly installing.

I would note the types and approximate depth R value.

I just posted it for the fun of it. The owner had done this through the entire attic.

He must have purchased the insulation and got a few rolls of it up into the attic only to realize his truss spacing was 24" and he has bought 16" rolls. So the entire attic is insulated with the wrong size and you can tell he just rolled it out from the center and let it be.

I guess he lost steam when he realized he had 40 bags of the wrong size. :slight_smile:

But it is easy to see where to step.

i like the 12,6,12,6,12,6 discription. :slight_smile:

I knew there was a good reason for this! :slight_smile:

I actually laughed out loud on that one

The sad thing is if he just went the other direction he could have made it work. Probably would have been cheaper and more beneficial to just blow it in.

With trusses, absolutely. It would have been an even bigger fail if had tried to weave those batts between the webbing.

But then he wouldn’t be able to see where he’s stepping ;-):shock::mrgreen::twisted: