I was just curious, during an inspection, if you see low levels of insulation in the attic (I have seen houses with no attic insulation), do you recommend additional insulation?

Whenever I see this, I discuss that with the client, but, I am just not sure the best way to write that up.

Thanks again

Jonathan Leahy

Yep i write it up and if it is not fitted right too .

You can loose up to half the insulation value just from the way it is fitted.

I do comment of poor or missing insulation. I basically state the problems and that they don’t meet current standards. I state the home could be using more energy that a house that is properly insulated. Resnet uses grades 1,2,&3 to evaluate how insulation is installed. Most of the time it is Grade 3. Grade 1 is perfect and almost never happens.

Here is a good resource.

Thank you all.

It is always good to get different points of view. I find clients always appreciate information on ways to make their home more efficient.

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We inspected a 5 year old home that had sold 3 times and
number 4 was the first to have an inspection .
Zero insulation in the attic .
I guess all the rest could not afford the heating Bill

Just wrote this up yesterday on a home:

3-4 Inches = approx. R12.
This is considered low for an attic space. When the home was built an R=12 insulation was considered adequate. We now know that increasing the insulation value can save on fuel and make the home a more comfortable living space. An R=40(Approximately 14-16" of blown in insulation) is recommended. Consider adding more insulation for improved thermal efficiency.

Make sure if you are going to put this kind of statement in that you also talk about proper venting. In my HI report i have a seperate section for ventilation where I explain how to get proper venting in the home when they increase the insulation.

Use something like Recommend upgrade in insulation in order to decrease energy costs.

I just saw another property on Friday that had missing insulation in a bedroom whose common wall was to the attached garage. Hopefully, the investor will fix that before he re-lists the property after his renovations.