South Florida Chapter

To all the Gentlemen in the South Florida Area, lets get together and form a Chapter. I’m in the Miami Lakes Area. Show your interest…

I would be interested in participating, You can contact me anytime to discuss Jose. 954-573-5461

I’m in.

Just starting and would be interested.

Sounds Good! I’m in!

Been tried many times before. Everyone seems to loose interest after the first meeting.

I would participate when possible as long as I don’t have anything going on with the family and the meetings are not to far from Dania Beach.

What happened to the southeast Florida chapter? We had a meeting in April.

Good Morning Jorge,

If there is a chapter already can you provide info about joining it. Thank you

Steve Jawitz and and Jay Schwartz are in charge of the southeast Florida chapter. The meetings are usually held in Pembroke Pines.

I’ll help in any way I can - we’ve had the West Central Chapter running for 5 years and I cannot say enough about the benifits of a local chapter.
I think most crash and burn because too much is expected at the begining.
Keep it simple, afforable, and always have at least 2 hours of pertinent education taught by trades persons from your area for the guys.
But you have to have meetings at least every 60 days to build a solid group.
Just having one or two big " Bang" meetings a year is not - “in my opion” - what a local chapter is about
We started with about 10 regulars and have grown to a solid 30 in attendance.
And thats every 60 days. Our first meetings were at the local recreation center, or chamber of commerce. I like to cook - so food cost was not an issue.
We even had a couple of out door meetings when the weathre was really nice.
Meetings much bigger than that and no-one gets their questions answered.

Our next meeting is July 24th. Serve Master of Tampa is letting us use their traing room for free. I’m baking a hugh turkey and roasting 20 pounds of pulled beef, with all the salad and veggies the guys can eat. The $10.00 I collect pays for really nice hand outs, and pays for the food and supplies. And Nick ALWAYS sends us lots of really nice " door prizes",